Our Mission

World in Motion Dance, Movement & Music Center is a unique presence located right in the heart of the Triangle. When we opened our doors back in 2011, our goal was to create a home. We’d been teaching belly dance classes for years, moving classes from location to location without ever finding a place where we could settle down. World In Motion was our way of giving our students a place to learn and grow, and a space where we could truly build a community. Over the past 8 years, we’ve dedicated our hearts and souls to create a family of supportive instructors and amazing students.  Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced student, our mission is to make you feel like you’ve found your dance home when you take a class at World in Motion.

World in Motion is a beautiful dance space and all the teachers are excellent and the staff is very professional. WIM has become a second home for me and the teachers have been critical to my development as a dancer and a creative spirit.

Find What Moves You

We believe that dance is for everyone! In a world that tries to convince us that we’re not good enough—we’re too old, our bodies are the wrong size, we don’t fit within the norm— we say “no!” to that nonsense. Our supportive and welcoming classes give students of all backgrounds and walks of life a place to experience the joy of movement. Dance is a wonderful way to feel healthier, happier, stronger, more relaxed and more confident.  Join us in class and embrace what moves you!

I love this class—it made me feel so good about myself. I tell everyone about this class and how good I feel and how much fun it is. I wish it lasted longer!
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The Family Behind WIM

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Patti and Emily are a dynamic mother-daughter team who have nearly 25 years combined dancing and teaching experience. 

Patti was a participant in the Launch the Venture entrepreneurship program at UNC-Chapel Hill, where she crafted and perfected the vision of what World In Motion would become. She also brings to the studio a wealth of experience in working with adults, teens and children alike in a variety of educational and organizational settings.

Emily is the director of Raqs al Dunya , WIM’s resident Tribaret student troupe and the director of the incomparable geek-themed bellydance troupe, The League of Extraordinary Bellydancers. She’s the face behind WIM’s social media presence as well as our webmistress.