Policies and Procedures


You can register online or in person. Click here to complete an online registration form and waiver

  • All sessions are 6 consecutive weekly class meetings, unless otherwise specified

  • Payment options include PayPal (available via the online registration form), checks or cash

  • World In Motion does not accept credit or debit cards for payment

  • If paying via PayPal,  please note there is a handling fee for using PayPal which is included in the online pricing

  • Space in class is not guaranteed until both registration and payment are received

  • Payment will be accepted at the first class, but only if the minimum number of required students for that class has been met by the preregistration deadline (generally the Sunday prior to the first class in a session)

  • Preregistration discounts are available when both registration and payment are received by the preregistration deadline

  • Once the preregistration deadline has passed, the full price will be in effect

  • Fees are listed on each class page

  • We will pro-rate many of our classes, should you choose to join in the middle of a session.  Please contact World In Motion for specific rates

  • Drop ins are welcome at any time. If you’d like to drop in to a class, click on the class name on the Schedule page to ensure that the class is running this session and drop-in attendance is permitted in a particular class

  • Payment for drop-ins may be made in cash or by check in person

  • If paying by check, please make checks payable to World In Motion and send them to:

World In Motion LLC
10269-500 Chapel Hill Road
Morrisville, NC 27560


Missed Classes and Refunds:
All sales are final.  No refunds nor class credits are provided for any reason.
One missed class may be made up during the same session in another class of an appropriate level if space permits and there is another such class available.  Students requesting one will be given a make-up class voucher that they can use once per class session. This voucher will expire at the end of the current session and may not be carried over to future sessions. If you have a question about which classes are appropriate for your level, please contact World In Motion for clarification.

Non-sufficient Funds/Returned Check Policy:
If a check is returned from the bank for non-sufficient funds, a $35.00 non-sufficient funds/returned fee will be assessed.  Students will not be permitted to continue in class until the registration and returned check fees have been paid in cash or via PayPal.  Customers with more than one returned check will be asked to pay for all future purchase with cash.

World In Motion reserves the right to cancel a class if enrollment is not sufficient.  Students may choose  to receive class credit or a full refund. Class credit expires within 6 months of the date credit is issued.

Inclement Weather:

Classes may be canceled in the event of inclement weather.  An email notification will be sent to those students who subscribe to the studio newsletter and a studio Facebook message will be posted as soon as possible to notify students of the closing.  We will attempt to schedule make-up classes when possible; if a make-up class is not possible, you may attend any other class we offer during the same session that is of an appropriate level.  We are not able to give refunds or credit for classes canceled or missed due to weather.  If there is inclement weather but classes have not been canceled, students will follow the normal policy for make-up classes if they choose not to attend.

Student Expectations:

  • Students arriving early to class should wait quietly in the lobby area until the previous class is finished

  •  If you arrive late for class, please enter quietly and take your place as quickly as possible.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you are properly warmed-up if you do arrive late

  • All food and drinks should be kept in the lobby area.  Only water is allowed while on the dance floor

  • Violation of  our student code of ethics (see above)may be grounds for dismissal from class

  • Only dance shoes or fitness training shoes are allowed on the dance floor.  All other types of shoes will need to be removed before going on the dance floor

  • Clothing with rude or offensive language or images is not permitted

  • We encourage students to wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in and easy for the teacher to observe your movement, posture and technique

  • Please be aware that we are in a public plaza and that we offer children’s classes, so please dress appropriately for class

  • All cell phones should be silenced. If you do need to use your cell phone during class, please keep conversations to a minimum or step outside

  • Animals other than service animals are prohibited

Guest Policy:

World In Motion does not permit observation of our classes, and we do not allow students to have guests (children included) wait in the lobby while class is being conducted.  Please make arrangements for your children and/or guests to wait elsewhere while you are in class. Parents may wait in the lobby for children during children’s classes.


World in Motion Dance Studio holds ethics and good behavior in the highest regard, and we expect and encourage our students to do the same in and out of class. A code of conduct builds a strong relationship within our class and dance community, allows both the student and the instructor(s) to have clear expectations of the class and performances, and promotes a positive image to the world at large – all while having fun and learning a beautiful art form!  

In class I will:

  • try to make friends with fellow dancers as they may be a great support system in future, make only positive and constructive comments to my fellow dancers/performers, support my co-dancers as they learn and perfect this dance

  • come to class ready to dance, be punctual, and not interrupt the instructor or talk to other dancers while instructor is speaking
    not spread gossip or rumors about other students and/or performers

  • treat all students, performers and teachers with respect and dignity

  • not use inappropriate language in class or at events

  • ask questions and request additional breakdown of movements when needed; take care of my body, pay attention, let the instructor know if something hurts, stay hydrated, warm up on my own if I am late

  • feel free to take classes from a variety of instructors

At a performance I will:

  • refrain from detrimental representations of this dance

  • not falsely represent others’ choreography as my own

  • strive for professionalism in all aspects of this dance 

  • practice my piece so I can do my best; try to practice in costume in advance

  • show my support for other performers (smile, clap and cheer), be polite and not gossip about other dancers while they perform

  • know how to be culturally respectful

  • know the music I am dancing to and its meaning if I can

  • dress appropriately for the venue and audience, make sure my costume fits properly and is in good repair, and wear a cover-up 

As a student performer I will:

  • perform at appropriate venues for my level. Appropriate student venues include haflas, recitals, amateur nights and friend and family celebrations

  • seek my instructor’s guidance and advice re: appropriate venues for me

When I am ready to perform as a professional I will:

  • perform at professional venues for appropriate pay. Professional venues include restaurants, nightclubs, parties, weddings, cultural events, charity events or any venue that offers pay

  • charge appropriate professional rates for our area and never undercut other performers or offer to dance at a venue that someone else is already performing at

  • do my best to raise wage standards and performance conditions of our art form

  • be ethical, professional and culturally respectful, and  not participate in detrimental/degrading presentations of the dance

  • support other members of the dance community by attending others’ shows and workshops and by communicating openly w/them

  • continue to pursue training so I can present our dance form in the best possible light

In return, World In Motion Dance Studio and its instructors will:

  • show respect for our students by maintaining high standards in our classroom including being reliable, punctual, and prepared

  • work to provide appropriate learning performance opportunities for our students

  • mentor our students to advance in their skill set; encourage our students to study with different teachers and take workshops when able

  • communicate to our students with respect and courtesy

  • model respect and courteousness toward other members of the dance community

  • be impartial and fair when mediating student conflicts

  • be honest in representing credentials; abide by copyright laws

  • present a clear set of  classroom expectations, and educate our students in the history and culture of the dance. 

World In Motion will safeguard the privacy and personal rights of our students and will not engage in any practice that is discriminatory on the basis of age, weight, religion, disability, race, gender, or sexual orientation.